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Amateur Photography 1880-1920 “The Death Row of Posed Portrait”

Category : Exhibitions
Next date: 04/09/2021 > 30/06/2022
Place : de la Cuve, 26
1050 Ixelles

Incredible candid shots of US amateur photographs at the start of the 20th century. Tintype, Cyanotype, Albumines and Silver Plates. Dynamic and natural amateur photos by American photographers at the turn of the 20th century. Tintypes, cyanotypes, albumins and glass plates. In dialogue with the 100 originals, the collection has been digitised in ultra-high definition. Funny, emotional, the photos and the tiny and unique originals are placed opposite large 2m2 prints and immerse the visitor in the proximity of these faces so contemporary while more than a century separates us. Even without social networks, already at the end of the 19th century, the staging and sharing of images of one's life became a preoccupation of amateur photographers. This exhibition illustrates the dynamism with which they began to use the camera, in a way that still moves us today. The TinyGallery is located a stone's throw from Place Flagey in Ixelles. It is equipped with a lab for old techniques and traditional photography. It hosts workshops on the alternative techniques of Cyanotype, Van Dijk, Gum bichromate.

Schedule 04/09/2021 > 30/06/2022

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Place TinyGallery Brussels
de la Cuve, 26
1050 Ixelles
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