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ARTONOV Festival

Category : Other
Next date: 08/10/2022 > 16/10/2022
Place : Rue de Praetere, 14
1050 Ixelles

The eighth edition of Festival ARTONOV is dedicated to creative freedom within architecture. Can we free architecture from its utilitarian function and offer an experience of the space itself? Can the performance of an artist in a particular space accentuate this feeling of freedom and open new dimensions? The architectural choices proposed in this edition all share a subtle interaction between interior and exterior and between experimentation and the theory, knowledge and technology upon which their poetic dimension rests. Art Nouveau and Art Deco remain the guiding thread of the festival but open up to contemporary architecture. In the past few years, Brussels has produced some inspiring architectural innovation. Ensuring that the city maintains a strong identity going into the future is more challenging than ever before. Human beings never feel at home in the infinite. The house is our corner of the world, our primary universe. But as emphasised by Gaston Bachelard in his book on the poetic nature of space, the home is also an opportunity to use our imagination and even to create poetry. And poetry owes much to freedom. This year, we give the spotlight to architects Philippe Samyn and Olivier Dwek. This edition also highlights in particular the work of women, with creations by Isabella Soupart, Satchie Noro and Bintou Dembélé. The latter will present a crossover of hip-hop, urban art and African dance. The performances by Satchie Noro will be preceded by in-depth workshops with diverse audiences. With Satchie Noro and Silvain Ohl’s giant origami in the centre of Brussels, we will witness the transformation of a public space in the name of art. We will have the chance to visit two exceptional collections, the New Hope Gallery with furniture by Georges Nakashima and the Vanhaerents family collection of contemporary art. This corresponds perfectly with the festival’s vision to incorporate art collections as part of its interdisciplinary approach. The Brasserie Surréaliste also features among the new venues for this edition. A local and responsible brewery that has made its name thanks to a spirit of transgression and deviation from the norm. Here, beauty springs from the unexpected with the new creation by Isabella Soupart and Guy Vandromme, specially conceived for this space. We once again invite you to embark on a journey of the imagination with the Festival ARTONOV, to discover the taste of freedom and new poetic dimensions throughout this eighth edition!

Schedule 08 October 2022 from 00:00 till 00:00
Place asbl ARTONOV
Rue de Praetere, 14
1050 Ixelles
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