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Bas les pattes

Category : Theatre arts
Next date : 28/04/2024
Place : Petit Théâtre Mercelis
Mercelisstraat, 13
1050 Ixelles

When an illustrated bestiary metamorphoses those who flip through its pages... That's the story Julie and Johann invent while in the midst of moving, soon joined by Barthélémy. The trio explores the palette of emotions universally shared by the animal kingdom, humans included. Social relationships and the animal world captivate Barthélémy Manias and Johann Fourrière, alias Barjo&Cie. With Julie Querre in the team, the company relies on the work of psychologists and ethologists to unfold a physical language of emotional states. Involving both the face and the body, their choreographic lexicon magnifies everyday gestures, evokes the bestiary of various cultures, dares pure abstraction, and borrows some gimmicks from pantomime. "Human beings are animals like any other, and like all species, we share, feel, and express different universal emotions." Similarities and differences in behavior thus become "an inexhaustible source to develop a clear and imaginative movement language." Famous or unknown - from Rameau to Gottschalk, from Rossini to Saint-Saëns - "animal scores" form the soundtrack of "Bas les pattes."

Date Sunday 28 April 2024 from 15:00 till 16:00
Place Petit Théâtre Mercelis
Mercelisstraat, 13
1050 Ixelles
Information and Reservations
Phone (Reservation) : +32 2 515 64 64
Phone : +32 2 515 64 64
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Prices 5 € - Normal
1.25 € - Article 27
Target audience
  • Children 3-6 yr.
  • Children 6-9 yr.
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Petit Théâtre Mercelis