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Art Nouveau Summer School

Categorie : Andere
Volgende datum 26/06/2023 > 30/06/2023
Plaats : Faculté d'architecture ULB
Eugène Flageyplein, 19
1050 Elsene

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The programme offers a unique opportunity to dive into the heritage of Art Nouveau in Brussels and beyond and explore how Art Nouveau can act as a laboratory for current and future challenges. Participants will undertake a journey through European culture and history as well as reflect on the links between Art Nouveau and today’s challenges related to architecture, urban renovation and heritage management. How did Art Nouveau blossom and later expanded throughout Europe and beyond? What are the links between Art Nouveau and cultural and heritage management policies? How is this revolution in art and architecture still relevant today? How is Art Nouveau valorized today? How can public and private stakeholders make Art Nouveau it accessible to a wide audience ? The programme is built around two focus points: the first part will shed lights on the full scope of the Art Nouveau transdisciplinary and transnational movement. Lectures will focus on how Art Nouveau blossomed in Brussels and later around Europe and beyond, all the way to Asia for instance. It will also address how Art Nouveau infused society well beyond architecture, expanding its influence to arts, ornamentation, furniture, etc. The second part will invite participants to reflect on the relationship between heritage and innovation through the lens of Art Nouveau. Lectures and discussions will focus on current issues related to urban renovation and preservation policies. They will also explore the links between cultural heritage and tourism as well as the valorization of heritage, including as as an economic resource, in Brussels and other European cities. With a view to foster transdisciplinarity participants will also be invited to broaden their perspectives by reflecting on hidden scientific aspects in Art Nouveau and bio-inspired and bio-mimetics structures. Bringing together a transnational and inter-disciplinary team of academic lecturers as well as students from different CIVIS universities, the programme aims to foster cooperation in education and research within the CIVIS alliance. It also offers opportunities for dialogue and exchanges of views with practitioners and experts from the non-academic world such as museums curators, architects and other actors involved in heritage and urban policies. Implementation: The programme is designed in collaboration between the three partner universities. All partners will be involved in selecting, teaching and assessing students. For the implementation of activities, both virtual and in Brussels, the organisers will be assisted by the summer school office at ULB who will carry out administrative and logistics tasks (processing applications and registrations; booking on-campus or off-campus accommodation; providing student support, organizing visits, etc).

Datum maandag 26 juni 2023 van 09:00
dinsdag 27 juni 2023 van 09:00
woensdag 28 juni 2023 van 09:00
donderdag 29 juni 2023 van 09:00
vrijdag 30 juni 2023 van 09:00
Plaats Faculté d'architecture ULB
Eugène Flageyplein, 19
1050 Elsene http://ulbfapanorama.wordpress.com/
Informatie en reserveringen https://archi.ulb.be/
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