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Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

Address : Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 67
1050, Ixelles
Category : Museums - Exhibitions, Museums
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Opening of Villa Empain to the public according to several themes of organised activities and events (exhibitions, concerts, conferences, etc.) from 2010. La Fondation Boghossian has its international office in Villa Empain, on which restoration work began in 2008.

With the Stoclet building, constructed by the Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann in 1911, Villa Empain is undoubtedly one of the finest masterpieces of Art Deco architecture in Brussels. In 1930, Baron Louis Empain, then aged 21 years, had this 2,500-metre-square mansion built on the prestigious Avenue des Nations, which was later renamed Avenue Franklin Roosevelt.

He entrusted the building of this fine house to the Swiss architect Michel Polak, assisted by his colleague Alfred Hoch. The plan designed for Baron Empain on a 55-acre plot included a monumental villa with four façades in polished granite, a garden surrounding a swimming pool ornamented with a pergola, and a caretaker's lodge.

The modern and luxurious nature of this structure soon aroused enthusiasm and curiosity. It is true that the variety and quality of the materials used (marble, polished granite, bronze, wrought iron, stained-glass windows and precious woods), the sophistication of the details and the coherence of the whole thing with simple but imposing lines immediately contributed to its patrimonial value..