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Faider Park

Address : Rue Faider, 86
1050, Ixelles
Category : Art in the public space
Quartier :
Faider Park was created in the 1980s in Ixelles, and is the result of the regrouping of four gardens. It was named after lawyer and 19th century Justice Minister Charles Faider. This green space is located in a neighbourhood where most of the houses are 19th century bourgeois dwellings.

They are built in the eclectic, neoclassical, Art Nouveau or Flemish neo-Renaissance styles. There are many attractions around Faider Park, not least the neighbourhood's Art Nouveau houses: visit Solvay House, Hôtel Tassel and the Horta House. You can also visit the CIVA and the Constantin Meunier Museum.

For a spot of fun, head for Escape Hunt. And if you're feeling peckish, take your pick from Cup 28°, Odette en Ville, Bistro Madame, Chou de Bruxelles, Hinterland, Pain Quotidien, COCO Donuts, Forcado Pastelaria or Old Boy.

Finally, take a stroll through Tenbosch Park, which lies only a short walk from Faider Park..