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TRENZAR Brussels – Contemporary Design – Artisan Gallery Slow-Local-Engaged

Category : Exhibitions
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Place : Trenzar Artisan Gallery
Chaussée de Waterloo, 427
1050 Ixelles

Welcome to the universe of TRENZAR, a unique and innovative artistic project that merges Belgian and Argentine cultures to create one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces. TRENZAR is a journey at the crossroads of two worlds, two countries, two cultures: Belgium and Argentina. With its gallery, TRENZAR offers an opportunity to discover native art and traditional Argentinean handicrafts through unique pieces and contemporary design created by local engaged Belgian and Argentinean artists and artisans. The gallery showcases a variety of works ranging from furniture to sculptures, textiles, ceramics and the whole world of decorative objects. Each piece on display reflects the richness and diversity of Argentina's craft traditions fused with a distinct Belgian touch while highlighting the originality and expertise of the artists involved. At the heart of this inspiring project is Violeta Guerrero, an entrepreneurial and passionate art enthusiast. Born and raised in Argentina, Violeta travelled the world before settling with her family in Brussels, Belgium, three years ago. By founding TRENZAR, Violeta aims to maintain a connection with her roots. She has taken on the challenge of interweaving, like a braid, her two worlds, her two cultures that coexist within her by highlighting artists, creations, and crafts from both South America and Europe, linking the past and the present. TRENZAR aims to reflect the fusion of two cultures by interweaving art in a way that brings to mind not only Violeta's braid, but also the braids worn by women throughout South America. Therefore, TRENZAR seeks to carry the story, culture, and traditional craftsmanship from Argentina to Belgium. Using noble and natural materials, organic shapes and a contemporary aesthetic, the pieces designed and presented in the TRENZAR gallery are testimonies of the richness and diversity of the artisanal traditions from Violeta's two countries: Argentina and Belgium. Ultimately, the TRENZAR gallery is an opportunity for visitors to discover a different culture with original artisanal pieces. So, step through the doors of the gallery and explore a world of natural materials, organic shapes, artisanal productions and contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the authenticity of Argentine craftsmanship with a Belgium touch. Let yourself be carried away on an unprecedented journey through authentic works proposed by a dozen artists, co-creation and collaborations, creating unique artisanal pieces exclusively for the gallery, at affordable prices, wishing to reconnect with traditional knowledge of Argentinean crafts. At the crossroads of two worlds, TRENZAR is an original and creative concept that will surprise you-visitors with its unique blend of Belgian and Argentinean cultures, showcasing the diversity and richness of artisanal traditions in both countries.

Place Trenzar Artisan Gallery
Chaussée de Waterloo, 427
1050 Ixelles
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Trenzar Artisan Gallery