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La Cambre Abbey

Address : Abbaye de la Cambre
1050, Ixelles
Category : Art in the public space
Quartier : Centre
A historical and architectural jewel in the heart of the city! The abbey is much loved by the people of Brussels, who like to visit it, but also stroll around it and enjoy moments of relaxation, alone or with friends, in the large gardens that border it. It was founded in 1201 by a noble lady from Brussels called Gisèle, and entrusted to the nuns of the Cîteaux order.

The buildings were badly damaged during the Wars of Religion, were rebuilt in the 17th century and redesigned in the 18th century. As a result of this eventful history, most of the buildings and gardens visible today date from the 18th century, but certain parts - the Gothic abbey church and cloister, for example - still date back to the 14th century and sometimes even the 13th.

The old La Cambre Abbey is the most complete and representative complex of its type in Brussels!.