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XL Danse

XL Danse: a dance around the world!

On May 25, 2024, the Fernand Cocqplein and the Oude-Lindesquare will once again transform into a true dance floor. Mark the date in your agenda and get ready for a tour around the world: we’ll travel from Italy to Cuba, across the sea to Africa!

For the second time, the municipality is organizing the participatory dance event XL Danse in its public space. A place that is increasingly becoming a full-fledged cultural environment. The Fernand Cocqplein and the Oude-Lindesquare are ideal places to not only introduce the general public to dance but also to actively involve them.

This year’s program features six different dance groups that will share their talents.

Our world tour begins in Italy. Aria Pagana will kick off the event on the Fernand Cocqplein with two traditional Italian dances, the Tammurriata from Piedmonte and the Tarantella from Cilento. Both dance styles will also be accompanied by live music. At the same time, the dance afternoon will begin on the Oude-Lindesquare, led by vzw Into the body, with a gentle form of dancing that focuses mainly on movement itself and is inspired by the sea and underwater life.

Next, the atmosphere will be maintained on the Fernand Cocqplein as we arrive in Brazil. Vzw Conexao has selected three dance styles for XL Danse: Ciranda, Forró, and Quadrilha. The selection was made because the three styles are suitable for all dance levels and at the same time reflect the diversity of Brazilian culture. Also on the Oude-Lindesquare, we will immerse ourselves in Brazil with La Samba De Gafiera, or Brazilian tango.

We’ll stay a little longer on the South American continent and conclude the afternoon on the Oude-Lindesquare in Cuba. With Rumba, Salsa, Makuta, and live music from various musicians, it promises to be a festive finale. On the Fernand Cocqplein, we will continue our journey and Africa will also be featured. Vzw Nyanga Zam and Academie Yantra join forces and, together with their musicians, present a synthesis of African dances to conclude the festive afternoon.


So, dust off your dancing shoes and come enjoy an afternoon of this cultural dance journey around the world!

Discover the full program below:

Place Fernand Cocq

14h : La Bal d’Aria 

Italian dance brought to you by Aria Pagana

15h : Samba de Gafiera

Brazilian Tango brought by Isaac Felicidance

16h : Rituel Urbain

African dance brought by Nyangazam in collaboration with Academie Yantra

Square du Vieux-Tilleul

14h : Into the body

Dance with theme: the sea, brought by vzw Into the body

15h : Forró

Brazilian dance brought to you by dance school Conexao

16h : Un voyage à Cuba

Cuban dance brought by Tatiana Galibus