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Look @ Matonge

Come celebrate the 🎉 cultural vibrancy and dynamism of the Matongé neighborhood, emblematic of the diversity of Ixelles!


The Look@Matonge festival offers you a rich program of activities, entirely free, starting from June 24th with the highlight being Saturday, June 29th. Enjoy 🎶 concerts, guided tours 🚶‍♂️, 🎥 films, 🖼️ exhibitions, children’s workshops 🎨, and debates for everyone! 🌟


See you on Saturday, June 29th, from 12 to 10 pm, in and around Chaussée de Wavre.


Mozaïek @ Matonge

🎨 Get ready for a series of free workshops for children and youngsters (10+) entirely dedicated to art initiations!
In collaboration with various artists in the Matongé district, we start three Saturdays with a nice lunch and then set out on an adventure.
Together, we explore the world of cinema 🎥 (8/6), painting 🖌️ (15/6), and fashion & hairstyles 💇 (22/6).
On 29/6, we proudly exhibit all creations in Rue Francart!
For more information and registrations:

Target audience: Children 10+ (NL and FR)

Location: Mercelisstraat 19, Elsene Library

What & When:

  • Sat 8 June from 12:00 – 16:00: Cinema workshop And… action! Together, we’ll create a short film with the Matongé neighborhood as our backdrop.
  • Sat 15 June from 12:00 – 16:00: Painting workshop We’ll paint en plein air in Matongé and create artworks for our outdoor exhibition on 29 June.
  • Sat 22 June from 12:00 – 16:00: Hairstyling & Fashion workshop Discover hair braiding and colorful fabrics with the best hairdresser and tailor in Matongé.
  • Sat 29 June from 12:00 – 16:00: Expo at Rue Francart Featuring a painting workshop for children. Together, we’ll create a mural as part of our exhibition.

Kuumba: come and discover!

This Look@Matonge project is organized by the non-profit Kuumba. 🌍🎨
You can sign up for one of the 4 exciting guided tours that will tell you all about the rich history of the area. 🗺️📚 A Dutch-speaking and a French-speaking group will depart for the first time at 2 PM from the Charles Woeste statue, and a Dutch-speaking and an English-speaking group will depart a second time at 3:30 PM from the same place. 🕑🕟
Additionally, between 2 PM and 5 PM, you can discover African board games or join in on an exhilarating percussion animation at the Saint Boniface Square! 🎲🥁
And finally, in the streets of Matonge, dancers and percussionists will enchant you with their spectacular performances! 💃🕺🥁

Target audience: everyone

Location: Saint Boniface Square

What & When:

  • Sat 29/06 at 2PM: start of the first two guided tours for Dutch and French speaking people
  • Sat 29/06 at 3.30PM: start of the second two guided tours for Dutch and English speaking people
  • Sat 29/06 from 2PM until 5PM: African boardgames and percussion animations

Contrechamp – Viva Matonge !

🎬🍿 Get ready for a three-day cinema event! From June 27th to 29th, Cinema Vendôme will highlight productions by Belgian, African, and diaspora artists. 🌍🇧🇪 The full program will be available soon. 📅✨

Target audience: everyone

Location: Cinéma Vendôme

What & When:

  • 27, 28 and 29/06: film festival

Porte de Namur, Porte de l’Amour, Matonge Eza Ya Biso

🎉 This project brings a festive and participatory tribute to the emblematic neighborhood painting by Congolese artist Cheri Samba, led by sapeurs and musicians 🎶, orchestrated by Freddy Mutombo. Let’s talk about the future of Matonge, with an exhibition 📸 by Marie Lhoir as the cherry on top 🍒.

Target audience: everyone

What, When & Where:

  • 29/06: recreation of the painting @ Disco Mambo, Chaussée de Wavre 70
  • 29/06: exhibition Marie Lhoir @ Glidji’s, Chaussée d’Ixelles 192

Opéra Mohumbu

On Saturday 29/06 at 4 pm, the main stage of the Look@Matonge festival will be joyously inaugurated by a dozen artists brought together by composer Yannick Koy. 🎉
They will pay tribute to music genres of the past and breathe new life into them with a contemporary mix of styles (think rumba, salsa, soul, gospel, reggae, cha-cha-cha, pop, rap, blues, calypso, etc.). 🎶
This creation is called Opéra Mohumbu and promises to be an incredible spectacle! 🌟

Target audience: everyone

Location: big stage @ Chaussée de Wavre

What & When:

  • Sat 29/06 from 4PM until 5PM: Concert


For this project of the Look@Matonge festival, the stories of local merchants and residents are woven into textile artworks and displayed in local shops. This not only creates an exhibition but a true experience! 🎨🧵

Additionally, at 3 PM, you can join the parade through the neighborhood with the Zinnode walk 🥁🚶‍♂️ which ends in the Zinneke exhibition at the Medexmuseum 🏛️ and finally concludes at 7 PM on Tulip Street with an Indian concert. 🎶🌷

Target audience: everyone

What, When & Where:

  • Sat 29/06: exhibition throughout the neighborhood in local shops
  • Sat 29/06 at 3PM: participative parade through the neighborhood
  • Sat 29/06 at 7PM: authentic indien concert @ Tulip Street

Musique magasin

📸 The photographer Marie Lhoir created duo portraits of merchants and musicians, in collaboration with Muziekpublique, which organizes acoustic concerts 🎶 in the participating shops 🏪.

The full program will be announced soon!

Target audience: everyone

Location: TBA

What & When: TBA

Afro Music Show

🎤 The project showcases the best that the contemporary African and diaspora music scene 🌍 has to offer, featuring both promising local talent 🌟 and established names 🎶 with none other than Kinshasa headliner MPR!

Target audience: everyone

Location: Big stage @ Chaussée de Wavre

What & When: TBA