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Address : Avenue Général de Gaulle, 45
1050, Ixelles
Category : Sociocultural associations
Quartier : Centre
The Associazione Culturale Officina was established in Rome on 11 September 2013, with the aim of promoting culture and in particular contemporary art. In order to pursue its objective, Officina, which intends to operate in several countries, will organise exhibitions, contribute to and support exhibitions and other cultural events organised by museums and other public institutions, organise conferences, seminars and round tables, issue a series of publications (starting with the publication of a catalog for each exhibition), finance research projects. The art shows programmed in Brussels will benefit from a special exhibition space, which was conceived as a private residence and continues to be such, and which further more is situated in a central area of Brussels, characterized by an energetic cultural and artistic activity. The Officina project is nourished by the passion/pleasure of its founders, who may resort, as is the case for the first exhibition, to the professional advice of curators and critics. The wish of Officina is to offer to the visitors of its exhibitions and to the people who will attend its cultural events food for thought, as well as emotions and, why not, fun..