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Open call: Exhibitions Chapelle de Boondael

The municipality of Ixelles is launching a call for projects to host exhibitions at the Chapelle de Boondael during the 2023-2024 season.

The municipality will select three exhibition projects highlighting visual arts (classic, hybrid or innovative).


The exhibitions will take place on the following dates:

  • 15/11/2023 – 03/12/2023
  • 13/03/2024 – 31/03/2024
  • 17/04/2024 – 05/05/2024


Deadline for applications: Wedsnesday March 8, 2023 at midnight.


This open call is now closed, it is no longer possible to submit a project. The next open call for the exhibitions of the 2024-2025 season will be organized in the Spring of 2024.

Who can apply?


The call is open to artists, curators and project managers residing in Belgium (natural or legal persons).


Each candidate may submit only one exhibition project.


Please note that projects can only be submitted in either French or Dutch.


What do I get if my project is selected?


The laureates of the call can count on:

  • the use of the Chapelle de Boondael for a period of 3 to 4 weeks;
  • financial support of 2000,00 EUR;
  • technical assistance for setting up and dismantling their exhibition (max. 2 days for setting up and 2 days for dismantling);
  • the distribution of communication about the exhibition;
  • the organisation of the opening.


What documents must I submit?


The application must contain the following documents to be eligible:

  • the duly completed application form – in French or Dutch ;
  • a concise portfolio including about ten photographic reproductions of previous exhibition projects and a presentation of the project with descriptions and images of works likely to be exhibited;
  • a curriculum vitae of each artist likely to be exhibited;
  • if applicable, a curriculum vitae of the organiser/curator of the exhibition.


If any of the required documents are missing, the application will be considered incomplete and immediately excluded.


On which criteria will the applications be assessed?


  • Relevant links to the guidelines described in the Cultural Policy Plan ‘Co’ 2020-2025 and in the majority agreement of the municipality of Ixelles in force at the time of the call (50/100): The exhibition project shares the values of the municipality and aligns with at least 2 pillars of the cultural policy plan “CO” 2020-2025 ;
  • Artistic quality (30/100) : The quality of the exhibition project and the artworks likely to be exhibited, according to the assessment of the jury members;
  • Methodological quality (20/100): The exhibition project is realistic and feasible (budget, retro-planning, etc.).


Who evaluates the application?


A pre-selection jury composed of (5) members of the municipal administration evaluates all applications received. This jury consists of the visual arts project manager, the head of the Culture Department, the head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the director of the École des Arts of Ixelles and the chief conservator of the Museum d’Ixelles. Pre-selected candidates will be invited for an interview with the selection jury in late March-early April.


A selection jury of (7) members will assess the applications and meet the pre-selection candidates before sharing their evaluation with the College of Mayor and Aldermen. This jury consists of the director of the École des Arts of Ixelles, the chief conservator of the Museum d’Ixelles, a representative of the academic sector, a visual artist, a journalist, a curator and a representative of the citizens. The selection of the laureates of the call will be announced at the end of April.


How should I submit my application?


The complete application must be submitted via this website (in French or in Dutch) by midnight on Wednesday 8 March 2023 at the latest.


This open call is now closed, it is no longer possible to submit a project. The next open call for the exhibitions of the 2024-2025 season will be organized in the Spring of 2024.

More information:

Two information sessions will be organised online on the following dates: Tuesday 21 February 2023 at 17:00 and Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 12:30. Please email the Culture Department ( to register and to receive a link to the online info session.


An FAQ is available on this website where answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found.


Contact person for this call:

Mr Mathieu Menten, Visual Arts Project Manager, – 02 515 64 09