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The Museum of Ixelles is 130 years old!

31 May 1892 – 31 May 2022… The Museum of Ixelles has blown out its 130 candles and yet it has not aged a bit! Currently closed for renovations until 2024, the institution is not only transforming its buildings, but is also conducting an in-depth reflection on its cultural project, a project labelled ‘Museum in progress‘. The Museum is actively in contact with the public through several successful initiatives.

Exhibitions outside the walls

While the renovations at 71, rue Jean Van Volsem are in progress, the Museum’s artworks are travelling in Belgium and abroad. The magnificent collection of Toulouse-Lautrec posters can be admired in Gera and then in Munich, Germany, while the masterpieces are on tour in Spain, in Malaga and then in Valencia. The Museum also lends works to exhibitions in Brussels: you will find them in Portrait of a Lady at the Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain until September, or in Kidorama at the Fashion and Lace Museum this summer.

Innovative educational projects

They are called Wheelie, Museo’classe or Mash-up… These projects around the Museum and its collections for pupils from pre-school to the end of secondary school offer a differentiated and flexible approach to the museum experience. For the youngest children, a bicycle-cargo named Wheelie travels to their classrooms for workshops introducing them to art and works.

Primary school pupils, with Museo’classe, take on the roles of exhibition curator, guide, collections manager and scenographer, and create their own museum during a whole cycle. In this way, they discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum of Ixelles and the different functions that are carried out within such an institution.

Secondary school pupils take action with Mash-up. Working from the works in the collections, they create a collective art project, combining other forms such as performance, dance and calligraphy.

Virtual visits are also offered to people who cannot come to the museum: children in hospital, residents in nursing homes, etc. The Museum and its collections are thus accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of the way in which they are presented.

‘Museum at home’

The Museum of Ixelles is firmly rooted in its territory. Even though it has an international reach, the neighbours and inhabitants of Ixelles are very attached to it. And the feeling is mutual!

The closing of the Museum is felt as a lack, which the Museum has decided to fill two weekends a year with ‘Museum as home‘. The principle: residents volunteer to host a work of art they have selected from the Museum’s collections in their homes. For a whole weekend, they host the work and welcome visitors who come to admire it.

This is the seventh edition of this award-winning project. Now it is the turn of the Malibran/Blyckaerts neighbourhood to welcome the Museum at home, and the ten hosts are already actively preparing to receive the work they have chosen.

Come on Sunday 26 June between 1 and 6 pm for an exceptional walk to meet the works and their hosts.

contre des œuvres et de leurs hôtes.

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Museum at home

Sunday 26 June 2022 from 1 till 6 pm

Blyckaerts district

Info point at Place Blyckaerts