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Discover La Loge

La Loge is a centre for contemporary art and architecture located in Rue de l’Ermitage 86, opposite the CIVA architecture centre.


La Loge hosts exhibitions and organises activities for the general public (lectures, guided tours, etc.), with an emphasis on exchange between disciplines.


Although La Loge has been welcoming both local and international visitors since 2012, it has not always been like this. The building is a former Masonic temple built between 1934 and 1935 by the modernist architects Fernand Bodson and Louis Van Hooveld. The construction of the building was commissioned by Le Droit Humain, one of the first known mixed Freemasonic obedience, which occupied the premises until 1976. The building will then house the AAM Museum (Archives of Modern Architecture) until 2011.


The many details referring to Freemasonry enter into dialogue with the works and artists presented, and allow the visitor to immerse himself in the very special atmosphere of this place steeped in history.


By exhibiting a wide range of works, La Loge strives to create a dialogue between disciplines, works and artists. In January, for example, La Loge will host works by the Franco-German artist Katinka Bock. Collaborations with international institutions, such as the Goethe Institute last December, bring different influences to the programme.


La Loge is also resolutely open to the neighbourhood and participates in Brussels initiatives, such as Heritage Days, for which the guided tours were sold out.


So don’t hesitate to come and see us, entry is free, for everyone!

Discover the interview of Wim Waelput, director and curator, and Antoinette Jattiot, in charge of communication and curator of public programmes.