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The Châtelain : a uniquely artistic neighbourhood

Known for its trendy bars, restaurants and shops, the Châtelain neighbourhood is also home to the architectural art nouveau masterpieces of Victor Horta and internationally recognized art galleries and museums that present local emerging talents alongside world famous artists.


Near Vleurgat and the Rivoli Galleries, one can discover local emerging talents at places like Plagiarama, Meesen de Clercq and Irène Laub, or walk into Xavier Hufkens and Almine Rech to admire world renowned artists. These spaces are open to everyone that wants to marvel at artworks they know and to discover their next favourite pieces.


On the Châtelain Square, a former sports car factory from the early 1900s, which became a design school in the 70s and a popular nightclub in the 80s, is now home to the Hangar Photo Art Center, a cultural centre that focuses on photography in all its forms. A few streets further, in the former royal skating rink, La Patinoire Royale – Galerie Valérie Bach, presents Belgian and international visual artists in an exceptional architectural environment that is a testimony to the past of the neighbourhood.


The Châtelain is the beating heart of Brussel’s contemporary art market. With its countless galleries, museums and cultural centres offering top notch exhibitions and events, a stroll in this area is an incontournable for any art lover seeking to admire the great artists of today and discover the new talents of tomorrow.

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