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It's springtime !

Spring is finally here! The good weather is back (or almost…) and with it, cultural activities outdoors. What better way to celebrate the return of the good weather than with street shows? And why not go out and discover the parks near you?.

Street shows

As part of the Mini D Festival, the Cocasse Compagnie will present its show Equivalent quatre pieds on Saturday, April 23 on Place Fernand Cocq. A street show for four feet that jump, tap, dance and bounce, where trampoline, tap and percussion are mixed to blend the worlds.

In May, we will see an Initiation-Cirque performance of hoop and aerial fabric. Light and graceful, the artists offer a performance full of harmony, suppleness and strength, in short, a definitely feminine performance!


A programme that we hope will help you enjoy the beautiful days in Ixelles!


Spring is also the time to take a walk in the park! There are a lot of parks in Ixelles, and you can find lots of activities in each of them. Next to the European Parliament, you can visit the Citizens’ Garden.


The garden is part of the former residence of the artist Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865) and his studio which is now a museum. So you can kill two birds with one stone and visit the Wiertz Museum at the same time! Wiertz is one of the main representatives of Belgian romanticism and monumental art.


The garden is therefore not lacking in culture, as it is home to several works, such as statues of famous European philosophers and artists. The house, studio and garden were designed by Antoine Wiertz himself in 1850. On his death, Wiertz bequeathed his works and his estate to the Belgian state, which converted the studio into a museum in 1866. The garden remained closed to the public until September 2020, following investment and renovation works carried out by the Parliament. For almost two years now, the garden in Rue Vautier has been a green oasis in the heart of the European quarter.


But that’s not all! In the garden, there is also a music pavilion, which hosts events, including concerts, every year. From May until mid-July and in September, the garden will host concerts every weekday, from Monday to Friday. This is an opportunity to spend your lunch break listening to different concerts by world-renowned musicians and ensembles from Brussels and beyond, and to discover all sorts of musical styles. A number of other cultural events will also be organised in summer. There is something for everyone!


Equivalent quatre pieds (dance-circus):
Saturday 23/04/2022 – 15:00
Place Fernand Cocq, 1050 Ixelles

Aerial hoop & silks :
Saturday 14/05/2022 – 15:30
Rue Volta (close to the stadium), 1050 Ixelles

Citizen’s garden concerts :
16/5 ∙ 30/6 | 13.00 – 13.30
More info on