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Laïla Amezian: a women's voice

On 23 January, the Chapelle de Boondael welcomes the Belgian-Moroccan singer Laïla Amezian for a morning concert as part of Women’s Voices. On this occasion, we asked her to tell us a little more about her work.

"As an artist, you have to adapt all the time..."

«As an artist, you have to adapt all the time…». In this sense, the covid period only reinforces an inherent part of her work. Despite the obstacles, this exceptional situation also allows time for reflection on the projects themselves.

For her concert in the Chapelle de Boondael on 23 January, Laïla is surrounded by two partners and long-time friends, Tuur Florizoone (accordion) and Stephan Pougin (percussions). She explains that the trio was born during the covid period, thanks to its smaller format that is easier to manage and transport. These two musicians, who are strongly influenced by jazz and folk music, combine their contemporary approach with that of Laïla, who is inspired by the classical Arab-Maghrebian repertoire.


She particularly likes to build her personal compositions on ancient poems, some of which were written in classical Arabic from the 11th century. Fascinated by the poetry of the language, she lets herself be guided by the text and its symbolism to create her new compositions.


When asked about the meaning she gives to her participation in the “Women’s Voices” concert series, Laïla says she is touched as a woman, eager to contribute to the legitimate (re)taking of women’s place in the society. Moreover, plural identities resonate within her, and her art is also nourished by the tension between the constant demand for integration in Brussels and the expectations of the community, “which keeps us in a tradition”.

For the audience as well as for the artists, hybrid and plural identities will vibrate in the heart of Boondael… A musical and human event not to be missed!

About Women’s voices

Women’s Voices, a serie of five concerts between November 2021 and June 2022, honours women singers and musicians in different musical styles. Three concerts are scheduled on Sunday mornings, allowing a moment of convivial exchange between the artists and an intergenerational audience.

Women’s Voices is organised in partnership with La Vénerie and the creapass d’Ixelles.


04.11.21: Ensemble Zefiro Torna

23.01.22 : Laïla Amezian

13.03.22 : Sarah Théry & Gaëlle Solal

23.04.22 : Ohme & Judith Hoorens

12.06.22 : Las Lloronas


Chapelle de Boondael

Square du Vieux-Tilleul 10

1050 Ixelles