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Push Up - Collectif "La Nébuleuse"

About “Push Up”, director Lisa Tonelli from Collectif La Nebuleuse declares:

“I was born in the lingerie business. Until I was 18, after school I would go back to my grandmother’s house where she sold underwear. Thongs, push-ups, basques, balconnets and garter belts have always been part of my vocabulary.

Push Up is a show in creation that focuses on the microcosm of a women’s lingerie shop and its dynamics. Through this universe, I explore the great diktats of women’s fashion, the bodies we are forced to achieve in order to be “validated” by other women and men.

I am also interested in the particular and paradoxical position of the “saleswoman” who, in addition to being the vector of an inhuman sales system, is also one of its first victims.”

From 14 years and up

In residency from  28/03/2022  to 01/04/2022