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A contretemps - Cie La Tête à l'Envers

The show in creation : A contretemps

What if at night, time did not unfold at all as we hear it, but much, much more wildly?

What if, on Mars, time was distended and magnetized?

What if on Venus, time was not the same as in Charleroi or Laeken?

What if, in the belly of a whale, time was chewed and crushed?

What if in the heart of the iceberg, the hands of time were frozen?

A scenic project that mixes movement, spoken words and visual theater.

Target audience : For children aged 7 and more

The theatre company :

The theatre company “La Tête à l’Envers” exists for more than 12 years. For them, creating shows that offer a more accurate view of things, where the gut speaks as much as the brain, pushes the audience to reconsider their point of view on reality.

In residence from 27/02/23 until 10/03/23