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Trêve - Sequenza Cie

The show in creation : Trêve

In a building, on the sixth floor, an apartment.

In the apartment, a father, a mother, and their daughter.

Lucie, fifteen years old, tries in vain to confide in her mother.

She will be heard only at the expense of angry outbursts.

Under threat, Lucie’s parents become aware of the situation.

What if she had invented all of this…?

Target audience : For teenagers aged 14 to 18

Theatre company :

Sequenza Cie is a theater company for young audience. Its latest creations Y a pas de Lézard, Suspendue au néon, and …ailleurs will be on tour and available in 2023-2024.

Partnerships and support :

With the help of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Création Artistique, service du théâtre jeunesse.  With the support of Théâtre la Roseraie, Théâtre Mercelis & the Echevinat de la Culture d’Ixelles and Espace Paon 319.

Many thanks to Sybille Cornet, Dominique Pompougnac, Fabien Mouton and the Tof team.

© Ali Elmouhib

In residence from 19/09/22 until 23/09/22

Presentation on 23/09 (with 3rd year secondary students)