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Cortex-iA - Le Projet Cryotopsie

The show in creation : Cortex-iA

In Cortex-iA, we witness the presentation of a revolutionary product: a brain implant that replaces the smartphone. But the presenter-test subject will soon be caught up by the shortcomings of today’s computer technology: untimely advertisements, bugs, terms of use accepted without being read, simplistic algorithms and above all… a fateful update!

Target audience : For children aged 10 and more

The theatre company :

Initially active in theater for adults, the Cryotopsie Project launched itself 8 years ago in the field of young audiences, a field to which it has now decided to devote itself entirely.

Partnership & support :

With the help of the Wallonia Brussels Federation and the support of Pierre De Lune – Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics de Bruxelles

© Julien Besure

In residence from 27/03/23 until 31/03/23