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The show in creation : AMAMER

Present but not there, there but elsewhere.   

This dreamlike show tells the story of a child-beacon in search of her mother-fog, her absent mother. A mother too busy, a mother who rocks, an exhausted mother, a restless sea, a sea without memory, an evaporated sea… How can a small wave learn the tide, moor itself to the harbor and learn to leave for the open sea…

AMAMER speaks of the beauty of the fragility of being, of the intimate struggles that make us stronger, and evokes with humor, tenderness and resilience the emergence from the abyss to soak up the sun.

Target audience : For children aged 7 and more.

The theater company :

DADDY Cie is a theater company catered for a young audience, founded in late 2017 by Laurane Pardoen, and based in Brussels. AMAMER, the company’s second creation, will be presented in early 2023 in Belgium and France.

Partnership & support :

Supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Service Général de la Création Artistique – Direction du Théâtre), the Shelterprod,, ING and the tax-shelter of the Belgian federal government. The Théâtre La Montagne Magique, the Théâtre des Doms, the Centre de la Marionnette FWB, the Théâtre Mercelis, the Maison de la Culture de St Gilles, the C.C Wolubilis, the C.C Braine l’Alleud and Le 4 du Théâtre Les Tanneurs.

© Sandy Skoglund

In residence from 05/12/22 until 09/12/22

Facebook : @DaddyCie


Instagram : @daddy_cie