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Frichti - La Lisière Cie

The show in creation : Frichti

Frichti is a hybrid project where several disciplines (slam, theater, radio, letters and cooking) meet through a common prism: food. With a socio-cultural and artistic aim, this project integrates several events, meetings and workshops with different audiences. The objective is to work on the basis of individuals’ testimonies in an active, creative and non-unilateral way. This implies the transformation of the notion of “testimony” which, beyond a simple written or oral trace, becomes a sharing of experience and a space for reflection.


Frichti combines theater, performance and cooking. Play and collective creation by Lisa Tonelli and Emeline Marcour.

Target audience : For everyone aged 8 and more.

The theater company :

La Lisière Cie is a “surrealistic-documented” theater company. Their shows are based on testimonies from which they try to extract the particular, the inimitable. Some words are kept in their raw state, others are deconstructed and reconstructed, like surrealist poetry. They like to bring in elements “that do not belong there”, and their characters often carry within them the ills of a whole community with which they struggle.

Partnership & support :

Partnership with Slameke, Théâtre le Boson and the Ixelles library

Frichti © La Lisière Cie

In residence from 28/11/22 until 02/12/22