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FAST - INTI Théâtre

The show in creation : FAST

FAST, a documentary and poetic show for teenagers, focuses on a theme that is both universal and intimate: fast fashion.

Without moralizing or guilt-tripping, FAST questions the ambiguity of our mode of consumption of clothing and questions our (in)conscious blindness to these anti-social and anti-ecological modes of production.

How can we reappropriate our desires in a consumer society? How can we not let our choices be guided by the incessant injunctions of our daily lives? When the time comes to choose whether or not to buy a t-shirt, where is the line between the intimate and the political?

Target audience : For teenagers aged 13 and more

The theatre company :

INTI Théâtre is a company led by Didier Poiteaux and Pierre-Paul Constant. It aims to combine creation and mediation, artistic research and creation of links.

Partnerships & support :

With the help of the General Service of Artistic Creation of the Walloon-Brussels Federation and of the COCOF

In residence from 12/12/22 until 16/12/2022 and from 13/02/23 until 17/02/23

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