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Monsieur Méchant - Compagnie Domya

The show in creation : Monsieur Méchant

Méchant is so Méchant (bad) that he calls himself that. He stays alone in his apartment and doesn’t want to go out or talk to anyone. Besides, nobody visits him and that suits him very well! At least, that’s what he thinks…

That night, Helie, a creature made of balloons, comes to visit him. He wants to go out with him and walk in the sky. Except that outside, there’s a storm and Méchant is afraid. However, thanks to his new friend, he decides to go out and face the outside world. Maybe then he will understand that he was not bad but simply lonely and that he just needed a friend?


Non-verbal theater. Alone on stage (or almost)… A man alone in his apartment, a storm, and an encounter with a creature made of balloons.

Target audience : For children aged 5 and more

The theatre company :

The Domya company is a young audience theatre company founded in 2013 by Martin Goossens around the show Le Passeur. In general, the company Domya intends to fulfill a societal role by telling stories with strong subjects thus allowing young people to develop their critical thinking.

Partnership & support :

With the support of Darna : Een open huis, L’espace Magh, and Pierre de Lune

© Quentin Noël

In residence from 30/01/23 until 03/02/23

Facebook : @compagniedomya


Instagram : @compagniedomya