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Une heure avant la mort de mon frère - Compagnie l'Archer

The show in creation : Une heure avant la mort de mon frère

In a prison visiting room, Daniel Keene delivers a moving love story between a brother and sister caught up in a family chaos that escapes them.

The story of a sister who holds her brother’s hand until the last moment, before handing over to her mother, lurking in the shadows, eternal witness of the whole family history. The presence… tick tock tick tock… of an unpredictable guard — the Time Master — and of this ceremony who can, at any moment, put an end to these farewells, keeps us in suspense and reinforces the mystery. Will they have time to tell each other the silence that unites them beyond death?

François Ebouele’s take on Daniel Keene’s play The Hour Before My Brother Dies.

Target audience: For children aged 12 and more

The theatre company:

The Compagnie L’Archer is a theatre company whose goal is to promote and support artistic creation in the field of performing arts. It also wishes to develop social and humanitarian projects through culture, hence their project to create libraries and permanent education centers in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Partnerships & support:

With the help and support of the Théâtre des Martyrs, Théâtre de Liège, La Compagnie l’Archer, La maison qui chante, La Vénerie, Pierre de Lune – Centre Scénique Jeune Public de Bruxelles, Commune d’Ixelles – Service Culture, Maison des cultures de Saint Gilles, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service général de la Création artistique, Direction du Théâtre et du Tax Shelter, Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, Théâtre de l’Ancre, LookIN’OUT, Théâtre 140, Théâtre le Public, Théâtre Varia, F.E.T-Théâtre et Publics

In residence from 23/01/23 until 26/01/23