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Christophe Le Blay with Théâtre de L'L - dance

This summer, the choreographer and performer Christophe Le Blay will be at the Chapelle de Boondael for a fortnight of explorations around a research issue that takes the spectrum of colours as a working barometer for a writing that is as choreographic as it is textual and plastic.

What relationships should be woven between the self and the world, between the poetic and the political, emotions and thoughts, reflection and action?

These are the questions underlying this research process, which has been supported by L’L since March 2020.

Based in the Matonge district, L’L | recherche autrement en arts vivants is unique in that it exclusively accompanies long-term research processes, combining reflective work and on-stage experimentation, in a practice that is deliberately placed outside the usual chain of production and performance.

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Contact : Laurence Patteet (L’L)