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Morris, the creator of Lucky Luke, celebrates his 100th birthday

Morris, créateur de Lucky Luke© Lucky comics
© Lucky comics

Maurice De Bevere, known as Morris, is the Belgian author of the famous comic strip Lucky Luke and was born on 1 December 1923. The gallery Huberty & Breyne located in Ixelles has been given the honour of celebrating this 100th birthday with a unique exposition. From 1 December to 27 January, the gallery will unveil a retrospective exhibition – non-commercial – featuring 100 plates and drawings signed by the artist.


The selection includes 15 original covers that have remained in the family circle until now. This museum-level heritage exhibition reveals how Morris’ drawing art evolved and it highlights the purity of his work. His success is remarkable both because of his talent and his perseverance. Despite some other minor works, Morris is one of the rare authors who devoted all his energies to just one character for more than half a century.

Lucky Luke
© Lucky comics


That character, Lucky Luke is a lonely cowboy with a big heart who is accompanied by his inseparable riding animal, the wise Jolly Jumper, and the dumbest dog in the West, Rataplan. Around them, Morris creates a whole series of picturesque characters into which he mixes the great figures of the American West: the four Dalton, beasts and villains, Billy the Kid, Judge Roy Bean, Calamity Jane, as well as other historical figures, such as the illustrious actress Sarah Bernhardt.


“Lucky Luke” quickly became one of the most popular comics in the world, thanks to its creator’s expressive and effective graphics. In addition, Morris ensured that comic book art earned the term “ninth art”, as well as the phrase “faster than your shadow” became common language because of him.


During the exhibition, the gallery makes sure you can completely immerse yourself in Morris’ world. Thus, a specially equipped reading corner will be provided and workshops, lectures and tours are scheduled.


Lucky Luke
© Lucky comics

Where: Huberty & Breyne Gallery – Kasteleinsplein 33, 1050 Ixelles

When: 1 December 2023 – 27 January 2023

Opening hours: Wednesday > Sunday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.