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The remarkable renaissance of ceramics

More than just a temporary hype, ceramics is emerging from the shadows to reach new heights of popularity. This ancestral and timeless technique continues to seduce the public, artists and collectors. Both novices and experienced artists are putting their hands to the task to express themselves and collectors gleefully add unique pieces to their collections. In Brussels, a range of initiatives celebrate ceramics on a daily basis: let’s discover them together!

In addition to the academic courses at ENSAV La Cambre or at local fine arts academies, ceramics has been made accessible to the general public thanks to the emergence of numerous studios that offer creative courses for young and old, such as the Atelier des Tropiques in Brussels, Terracotta Atelier in Saint-Gilles or, a stone’s throw from the Chapelle de Boondael, the Ceramic Studio in Watermael-Boitsfort. Learning to masterfully turn a vase or creating a fabulous piece with your fingertips is within everyone’s reach.


The world of contemporary art is not immune to the charms of ceramics either. The Ixelles gallery, Puls, a major reference in the field since 2000, brilliantly represents contemporary artistic ceramic talent. From 25 to 28 January 2024, Brussels will host, at Tour & Taxis, its first fair dedicated to ceramics, ceramic brussels, which aims to fill the lack of visibility that ceramics has on the art market.


In Ixelles, the ceramics workshop of the Ecole des Arts is becoming increasingly popular. The craze for ceramics is also represented within the network of municipal artists’ studios KULT XL Ateliers with the artists Béatrice Guilleman and Camille Truyffaut and, soon, an exhibition dedicated to ceramic artists will be hosted at the Chapelle de Boondael, curated by the artists Lieza Dessein and Louise Devin.


From 11 to 14 May 2023, their exhibition MATTERGY will feature eight women artists exhibiting new ceramic works inspired by the sacred place: the Chapelle de Boondael. A ceramics market will also present everyday and sculptural pieces. If you want to discover ceramics, don’t hesitate to take the plunge and sign up for the free introductory workshop!