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Cosquillas - Cie O Quel Dommage

The show “Cosquillas” evokes “sexuality” in the broadest sense. This life impulse that allows us from a very young age to taste the pleasure of sucking, eating, drinking, touching, smelling, listening, seeing,… And to let ourselves be guided by our sensations and what they give us.


The company approach this subject, still too often taboo, without being intrusive. To do this, the figure of the naïve, curious, sensitive and playful character is particularly appropriate for the targeted audience, just as the huts we use as a metaphor for the body and as a place of refuge are a way of putting oneself in play, in movement, of going to meet the other and inviting him into one’s home.


The show explores the relationship to the body of the other, which raises so many questions related to intimacy, difference, nudity, desire, tenderness, limits.


A reflection on the concept of “home”. An exciting world to explore…


From 3 to 9 years old.

In residency from 04/04/2022 to 08/04/2022

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