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The Asmara Addis Literary Festival (in exile) invites us to exuberance.

From 29 to 31 May, Ixelles is hosting an unusual literature festival: the Asmara Addis Literary Festival (in exile). Created by the writer Sulaiman Addonia, this travelling festival with pan-African roots and feminist principles aims to exploit the linguistic richness of Brussels.

Readings, lectures and panel discussions will take place over three days, accompanied by other artistic performances and dance. This year’s theme, ‘Say it loud’, invites artists and audiences to explore exuberance, to speak the unspeakable, to go against the grain and to break down the doors to all sides of our imaginations.

The festival takes place in various locations in the capital, with Ixelles, a multicultural and multilingual commune, as its nerve centre. Participants are invited to the Mercelis theatre, the Molière theatre and even in the public space during a tour between the Fernando Pessoa monument near Flagey and the Molière theatre.

The artistic performances take place in several languages, from English to French, via Dutch, Spanish, Yiddish and Polish.

Practical information

Addis Asmara Literary Festival (in exile)

29 > 31 May 2022

Mercelis Theatre, Molière Theatre, Passa Porta and various venues in Ixelles