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Mini D Festival : Contemporary dance for children

The Mini D Festival features 10 contemporary dance performances for children aged of 6 months and up. This year it will be held from 20 April to 8 May. No less than 20 artists will participate. Most of the performances will take place in Ixelles at the Mercelis theatre, the Marni theatre and also on the Fernand Cocq square !

For this 2022 edition, the Marni theatre and the ASBL Pierre de Lune, who initiated this event, are joining forces with ten partners from various corners of Brussels. Their aim is to familiarise children from a early age with contemporary dance in a playful way. The narrative and the images are the particularity of the performances for young audiences.

In the theatres, various themes and artistic disciplines will be intertwined with dance, such as ecology, art history, drawing and circus. In the Mercelis theatre, artists will make books dance (Rêves de papier) or will bring a balloon to life on the music of David Bowie (Ballon Bandit). On the Fernand Cocq square, acrobats will tap, jump and dance around a container (Equivalent quatre pieds). At the Marni theatre you will have the opportunity to discover Bleu sans pluie, Les autres and Encore Heureux, three shows that explore different universes but have one common point: dance.

So come along this spring and let yourself and your children be transported into dancing and bouncing stories. There will be something for everyone, for young and old alike!

The programme in Ixelles

Mercelis theater

Rue Mercelis 13, 1050 Brussels


Rêves de papier (Cie Tangentes) | 6 months – 5 years

24 April from 10:30 to 15:00


Ballon Bandit (Inti Théâtre) | 2,5 years – 6 years

8 May at 15:00

Marni theater

Rue de Vergnies 25, 1050 Brussels


Bleu sans pluie (Cie l’Inconnue) | 5+

20 April at 15:00


Les autres (Anton Lachky Company) | 7+

24 April at 14:30


Encore Heureux (La Scie du Bourgeon) | All ages

30 April at 15:00

Fernand Cocq square

1050 Brussels


Equivalent quatre pieds (Cocasse Compagnie) | All ages

23 April at 15:00