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Place(s) for women

On 8 March, International Women’s Rights Day will be celebrated. Every year, rallies and demonstrations are organised throughout the world on this occasion, as well as numerous cultural events. Here are some suggestions for events that will take place in Ixelles around this day.

On 5 March, the Mercelis theatre will host the show Comme on brûle encore, which presents the story of five women who share the same wound: they were victims of domestic violence. It is also the story of five actresses who have been led to work on their experiences through dance and theatre. In a context of free speech on violence against women, Comme on brûle encore raises collective awareness.

On 8 and 15 March, Point Culture ULB invites you to the African-American Women Songs conference, hosted by Pierre Deruisseau. On the agenda: an interactive listening session, exploring the tunes of great African-American women singers, questioning and challenging gender relations and patriarchy. Something to nourish yourself musically, but not only!

Also at the Point Culture ULB, the program Du son sur tes tartines on 9 March, in partnership with Radio Campus, proposes an edition entitled Hell yes women can score films, to discover female film music composers.  Like every Wednesday, come and join the Point Culture team for an hour of musical discoveries, coffee and tea, all in a very friendly atmosphere!

To close the week, the Biblio XL has scheduled a cultural and festive evening on 11 March! It will start with a reading-performance at 6.30 pm of the book Selfie de Chine, the new book by Isabelle Wéry, published jointly with Les Midis de la Poésie and Onlit Editions. The author spent several months writing in China, and in Selfie de Chine she delivers a protean exploration, reflecting the turmoil that China infuses into the heart of her writing. The live reading-performance is therefore a mixture between a travel diary and a cabinet of curiosities, mixing poems, unusual objects, jasmine scents and a thousand details that tickle the eye and the ear… An opportunity to be taken on a journey through an unknown and enigmatic civilisation.

The reading will be followed by a concert by the slightly offbeat choir of 11 women who make up Fritüür. It’s Belgian, bilingual, and above all, feminine! We leave you the teaser of their second show, to have a little taste.

Practical information

Comme on brûle encore
5 March from 8pm to 10pm
Mercelis Theatre, Rue Mercelis 13, 1050 Ixelles

AfricanAmerican Women Songs
Conference in 2 parts:
8 March: soul, blues, jazz
15 March: funk, hip-hop, r’n’b
3 euros, 1 organic, local or fairtrade drink offered,
reservation required (limited number of places)
Point Culture ULB, Bâtiment U – Av. P. Héger, 1050 Bruxelles

To listen to Du son sur tes tartines, go to Radio Campus

Selfie de ChineFritüür
11 March, from 6.30 pm
Registration required by e-mail, telephone (02/515.64.12) or at the lending desks.
Biblio XL, Rue Mercelis 19,1050 Ixelles