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'Nature Sacrée, Nature Enchantée' by Geneviève Levivier

From 17 March till 14 April, the artist Geneviève Levivier invites magic and wonder to the Chapelle de Boondael. Her works, created from natural materials gleaned during walks, honour nature and the environment. The exhibition Nature Sacrée, Nature Enchantée offers you a poetic immersion in an enchanted forest with colourful trees and surprising monumental textile works.

Before becoming a visual artist, Geneviève Levivier studied philosophy and pursued a career as a cultural, fashion and design journalist before embarking on training in silk-screen printing and textile techniques, which led to the birth of her unique artistic practice.


At the beginning, her unusual textile creations were quickly spotted by the biggest fashion houses and inspired numerous fashion collections.


This success led her to develop a remarkable artistic career in 2015.


Inspired by nature, architecture and natural light, Geneviève Levivier’s works invite contemplation, reverie and appreciation of natural materials and the aesthetics of nature. Flowers, plants, branches and eggshells, all gleaned, are collected, recycled by her and integrated in a stable and sustainable way in her work. The research and preservation of nature are at the heart of her artistic approach. She collaborates with a chemist to develop eco-friendly binders and unique dyes.


In Nature Sacrée, Nature Enchantée, works made from recycled fibres, wood and real natural flowers illuminate the Chapelle de Boondael like a galaxy. The exhibition honours the beauty of nature in a dreamy and poetic way in order to make the public, and especially children, aware of ecology and the preservation of our environment.


Immerse yourself in Geneviève Levivier’s enchanting and enchanted universe!

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Exhibition ‘Nature Sacrée, Nature Enchantée’ – Geneviève Levivier

17.03 > 10.04.2022

Art Boondael