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A music festival for little ears

Ever heard of the Kidzik?

The Kid what? Kidzik… a music festival for for children aged 0 to 12 combining concerts and musical activities. Born in Louvain-la-Neuve at the initiative of ‘La Ferme du Biéreau’, the festival has had a little brother in Brussels since 2012.


The event takes place throughout the month of March and presents around twenty performances in ten different cultural venues in the capital. The music festival offers a wide variety of styles to encourage the audiences of tomorrow to discover a range of instruments and musical genres. Belgian productions are given priority, with the emphasis on quality and novelty.


In addition to musical awareness, an open mind is required; at Kidzik, music can be produced by a violin but also by water movements, pots and pans, pieces of wood or even iPads. In March, human inventiveness knows no bounds!


Finally, at Kidzik, the young audience is put to work. Spectators become actors during a workshop adapted to their age. Being able to touch, test, feel and interact allows a real complicity between children and (grand)parents.


What does the 2022 edition have in store for us?

In Ixelles, the programme promises to be, as usual, rich and diversified. La Maison qui chante is offering no less than three shows in which boats have a prominent place. At the Mercelis theatre, the public is invited to take the train and stop at several stations. Finally, in Flagey, the Jeunesses musicales de Bruxelles offer a journey through the snowy and mountainous landscapes of a small, peaceful village in the north of our planet. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey.


And if the music virus infects you, you should know that a radio station for young people has been created: kidzikradio! Podcasts, musical tales, videos, a space to discover local talent : there are no more excuses for not humming, whispering or shouting with or without your children… the music virus is fortunately contagious.

Practical info

Festival Kidzik 2022

from 5 until 31 March

In Ixelles: in la Maison qui chante, in Théâtre Mercelis, in Flagey

Elsewhere in Brussels